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How to Build an In-Ground Fire Pit

Posted on 25 June 2017 by admin (0)

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Add ambiance to the exterior of your home with an in-ground fire pit. Building an in-ground fire pit is a relatively easy home project that you, your family and guests will truly enjoy!

There are other types of fire pits that require retaining walls. This post will only explain how to build an in-ground fire pit:

Location. Location. Location.

The first part of the project is to determine the best place for your fire pit. The most common place to build one is in a backyard several feet away from the back of your home.

You also do not want the fire pit to be anywhere near low hanging branches or brush in your yard. This helps avoid the risk of fire damage.

You also want to be sure the location will not collect water. Find a flat area of ground that has good drainage around it. Don’t build your fire pit at the bottom of a slope or hill on your property.

After you have chosen a location you love, mark the layout of the fire pit. You will need to decide if you want a round or square fire pit.

You can use paint to mark off the area where you will be digging.

Before you start to dig, call 811 or hotline to learn if there are any wires below the ground. You don’t want to dig into wiring. This is very dangerous.

Time to Dig

Now it is time to dig out the area your fire pit will be built. You need to dig several inches deep to account for the pavement base at the bottom, concrete blocks, sand and patio stones at the top. The total depth will depend on the thickness of the patio stones or bricks you choose but anticipate digging about 1.5 feet deep for the project.

After you are done digging, tamp the ground to smooth it out. Consider adding a drain in the bottom of the pit to ensure proper draining beneath it. You don’t want water pooling up underneath the fire pit.

Now poor paver base where the concrete blocks will sit and tamp the paver before setting the blocks in place.

Use a level to ensure the concrete blocks are flat and level around the exterior of the in-ground fire pit.

Now poor the gravel base around the exterior of the concrete blocks. Do this at 2-3 inches a time. After you have poured all of the gravel, wet it and tamp it. Pour the gravel until it is an inch below the top of the concrete blocks.

You also want to fill the concrete blocks with the gravel base as well. You should also pour lava rocks into the center of the pit to help keep the concrete blocks in place.

Now it is time to pour the sand around the exterior of the fire pit. Before you pour the sand, evenly place PVC pipes around the concrete blocks to level set the sand. Level out the sand with a tool and then you can remove the PVC pipes before you place the patio stones on top of the sand.

Set the stones all around the pit and place them over the concrete stones as well. You will need to cut off any excess pieces of stone to ensure a proper fit. You will need to do this with a circle saw and a concrete blade.

Continue to place the stones around the fire pit. Ensure the stones are level and leave about an inch in between each stone. Pour sand between the stones to prevent them from shifting.

Now add mortar around the interior of the fire pit to help keep the concrete stones in place and the sand too.

Once the mortar dries the project is complete. You can decorate the area with comfortable chairs and other décor for a relaxing ambiance.

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