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5 Must-Own Tools for Home Repair

Posted on 26 August 2017 by admin (0)

home repair tools

There are hundreds of tools necessary for home repairs. Every home repair or upgrade requires one or two unique tools; screws or fasteners you have never used before.

But there are some tools that are commonly used in several different projects for your home. You must own at least one of these tools in order to complete most home repair projects.

Here are the 5 tools every amateur handyman should own:


You will need a hammer for several different DIY home repair projects. One of the most common uses of a hammer is to hang picture frames on the walls throughout your home but you will also need a hammer for various woodworking and craftsman projects as well.


Every handyman should own a flathead screwdriver and a philips head screwdriver. There are now versions of screwdrivers for purchase that include both types of heads for easier use. You will use a screwdriver for several types of assembly projects in your home and it is often necessary to screw two pieces of wood or fiberboard together.


A tape measurer comes in handy when you need to know the measurements of a room or a specific surface in your home. You will need to know how to measure width, height and how to measure square feet with a tape measurer. These measurements are used for installing carpet or hardwood floor, purchasing larger furniture items or appliances and installing countertops and cabinets.


You need a wrench to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts. There are several types of wrenches available, including crescent wrenches and allen wrenches. The type of wrench you need for a project depends on the type of fastener. Nuts and bolts are often used in plumbing projects and projects that involve metal materials.


Safety comes first in home repair. You should have work gloves to protect your hands during projects and a pair of safety goggles to protect your eyes from loose debris and other materials. You do not want particles or debris touching your eyes. You also want to purchase sturdy work boots and a helmet to protect your head from falling items or from falling yourself.

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